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Earth Angels United is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Central Florida and has been established to assist those in need of transitional life assistance on the road to long-term solutions.  We are dedicated to creating programs that are self-generating rather than the standard nonprofit practice of functioning as a depletion organization, and partner with corporate and financial institution sponsors to provide unique and focused programs on regional, national and international levels.  Our programs are designed to assist those in need, whether it's to provide temporary housing due to an extreme circumstance such as health or financial issues, or to provide educational and health resource networks for children, families, the elderly and physically challenged individuals.

sleeping-babyDonate now to receive "Sleep Well" Audio

Understanding the stress and anxiety experienced by society through daily pressures and the state of our economy, Earth Angels United has created a CD, entitled, “Sleep Well” to soothe, calm, comfort, and relax infants, toddlers and children of all ages.  Families recommend this sleep well audio as a necessity for overstressed households.  Click Here to go to our Donations Page.

There is never a good time for a crisis... 

We don't have an opportunity to schedule a crisis conveniently, and for the most part are not trained or educated in how best to cope with difficulties, where to find resources, or even how to survive the process.  We all need an Earth Angel at times.  Whether it be due to illness in the family, coping with family difficulties, the trauma of physical injury, a birthmother's need to choose a family to adopt her child, or assistance after a natural disaster.  Earth Angels United is a humanitarian charitable organization created to assist others through educational and resource support services.  We assist in connecting individuals to vital community resources and give those who wish to be of assistance, a channel through which to serve.

Our Additional Programs Include...

  • Temporary shelter with utility assistance
  • Health Network referrals
  • Children's Programs Network
  • Young Adult/Youth Education Programs
  • Housing Assistance Programs
  • Resource Education
  • Projects to Strengthen Families
  • Promoting Other Charitable Organizations
  • Adoption Referral Assistance
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors Programs

Are you an Earth Angel?  We invite you to contact us via email at, and also encourage you to sign up to receive occasional news and updates from us...


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