Earth Angels Programs

Earth Angels United welcomes all assistance - contributions at all Bank of America locations will support programs including:

Temporary shelter with utility assistance - Shelter for families in crisis due to health issues or financial disaster, providing electric and water needs for from 6 months to one year with guidance and education for future living arrangements.


Health Network -  creating network and care resources for patients and families coping with Fibromyalgia: The Fibromyalgia Outreach Program, cancer, epilepsy and many other health issues. The goal of this network is to educate, provide resources and create optimum health management and support for patients and  their families.


2 Adopt 1 - creating connections to assist birthmothers in choosing adoptive families and avoid the children from being permanently placed in the state dependency system. Locating loving homes and families for adopting children and relieve the government from the responsibility to provide support.


Children's Programs Network - Teaching children to promote peace through mentor programs to prevent violence, learn life and employment skills such as television production, and create programs to educate through sports, entertainment and "Edutainment" programs and projects.


Youth Education Program - This program is to provide all youth the opportunity to participate in a program designed to educate, create jobs, eliminate blight, and enrich their lives. Participants may include, but are not limited to "at risk" and underprivileged youth by decreasing the burdens of government and neighborhood tensions, eliminating prejudice and discrimination by providing training and mentorship to youth as these problems transcend all neighborhoods.


Resource Education - strengthening families through financial education, connecting and creating multicultural assistance programs.


Housing Assistance Programs - providing education and resources to avoid foreclosure and creating housing options for the elderly, medically disabled and others in need of housing rehabilitation and adaptation.


Projects to Strengthen Families - providing programs to locate resources and assisting families by providing meals to families in need, guidance to manage problems, develop solutions and connect with medical assistance.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors - developing networks within the community to assist one another by locating and connecting people with resources both after natural disasters and everyday as everyone needs an Earth Angel from time to time and we can all become an Earth Angel to help others in need.


Resource Generation - Creating a network of grantwriters, and others with the ability to generate capital growth through real estate investments, charitable giving, endowment funding and additional fundraising options for Earth Angels United and other charitable entities.


Promoting Other Charitable Organizations- partnering with other charities such as the Epilepsy Association - participating in fundraising programs for children and families coping with epilepsy; American Red Cross - providing disaster relief; Locks of Love - coordinating hair donations to create wigs for children with cancer; Cancer Association volunteers for projects such as Relay for Life; Hospice volunteers to assist patients and families and to raise awareness for many charitable and community programs and projects through cooperative and collaborative efforts.


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