A Sweet Idea thatís Good for You and Our Community

Earth Angels United is selling Honey to raise money for our community programs.

But not just any honey. This is not the typical store-bought honey that sits on a shelf for long periods of time. Earth Angels United works directly with a beekeeper to provide you with unfiltered, fresh Honey, packed with natural nutrients and great taste!

You probably know about the many uses for honey as a way to enhance our favorite foods and beverages. But what you may not know is that unfiltered honey provides some amazing health benefits. Researchers say that combining honey with cinnamon can help you avoid many health concerns.  Here are just a few:

Suffering from fatigue?

Recent studies have shown that the sugar content of Honey is helpful in strengthening the body.

Bad breath?

Try a Honey and cinnamon powder gargle

Suffering from Heart disease?

Make a paste with Honey instead of using jelly or jam.

As with any health concerns, you should check with your doctor first and follow your medical professional's advice.

Join Earth Angels United in creating positive changes in OUR World and Thank You for supporting Earth Angels United community programs. Call 407-263-7865 to find out how you can order Earth Angels United Honey.

Honey, OUR sweet creation presented by Earth Angels United


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