Community Awareness Announcement
Seminole County
Circuit Civil Court
Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program

Sanford, FL

     Everyday the foreclosure market increases nationwide. Statistics clearly reflect that the State of Florida is facing a foreclosure crisis. Foreclosure filings have reached a level and court funding can not sustain its services. Residential mortgage foreclosure case filings have increased over 200% in Seminole County in the first half of 2008. Filings are expected to continue to rise as state funding is dramatically reduced. Due to State and County budget cuts, the 18th Judicial Circuit has lost the services of the foreclosure case manager who has been responsible for coordinating the scheduling of foreclosure case hearings in Seminole County.

   Seminole County Circuit Civil Court presents an alternative in the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program, which began September 4, 2008. This program provides foreclosure cases the same access to mediation that has been available to other types of civil cases for decades. A fixed fee mediator panel has been established at the rate of  $200 for a 90 minute session which shall be paid by the Plaintiff/Lender. Mediation may also be scheduled with any Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator.

     Many Homeowners threatened with foreclosure find it impossible to communicate with appropriate representatives of the lender. In many cases, the first opportunity the parties have to discuss the issues and attempt to resolve their differences is at a hearing on the lender's motion for summary judgment, or later at the foreclosure sale. By that time in most cases, all judicial labor has been expended and the costs and attorney's fees have increased significantly. The failure of the parties to communicate in a timely manner results in unnecessary waste of court resources and could be avoided by resolving these matters through pre-filing mediation.

   Administration of the mediation program for the fixed fee mediation panel will be provided by Earth Angels United, a humanitarian people helping people charitable organization. Earth Angels United is dedicated to assisting those affected by the housing crisis through the Seminole County Foreclosure Mediation Program.

   How can you help ? We are Calling All Angels ... You are invited to participate in creating solutions for the housing crisis. Donations for this program may be mailed to 465 S. Orlando Ave. #130 Maitland, FL 32751, and at all Bank of America locations in the name of Earth Angels United SC Foreclosure Mediation Program.



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